Combining Modern and Traditional Furniture for Interior Design

Mixing modern and traditional furniture might appear very difficult to perfect. You’ve got to consider clean finishes, minimalist design, sleek lines, and traditional details. However, the combination of modern and traditional furniture produces a multi-layered and unique space. This is particularly true if done properly.

Establishing a personal style that you will not see in other houses is one of the benefits of combining modern and traditional interior décors. Unluckily, a lot of people are intimidated by the challenge. It is indeed a very risky move. However, it comes with a high reward.

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to combine modern and traditional furniture for your interior design Miami house.

The traditional design is predictable, orderly, and calm. You usually choose classic and comforting styles when you want traditional design. You probably grew up in a house filled with traditional furniture pieces. Traditional houses are a bit casual. On the other hand, the minimalistic approach is the defining component of modern design. It relies heavily on a lack of scrupulousness. You can think about boldly-designed furniture, neutral colors, and clean lines.

It could lead to chaos if you merge these two styles without planning in advance.

Tie Together Items

For those who don’t know, you need to look for a way to tie together pieces to produce an overall feel and look. Though you can utilize contrast as your guiding light, you need to look for a balance between the two designs. There are several methods you can tie together the two interior design styles, especially if you use the same shapes, patterns, textures, or colors.

Choose Contrast or Harmony

Another vital thing to think about is whether you want to produce contrast or harmony between the two designs. Both contrast and harmony have their advantages. However, if you want to achieve a calm appearance, you need to look for a balance. On the other hand, contrast produces visual thrills. You can easily narrow down your options if you choose what you want in your space.

Think About the Visual Attributes of Every Piece

Look at every item in detail as you choose the furniture. Think about the piece’s visual attributes. Why are you attracted to that particular piece? Do you like the shape, texture, or color? Don’t worry because there is no wrong answer. You can easily look for a way to weave together your collection if you define what draws you to every piece of furniture. It enables you to tie together seamlessly all the designs and styles.

Allow One Style to Dominate

The modern and traditional design greatly vary. Because of this, allowing one style to dominate the space is the key to make the combination work. Choose what design suits your space best and allow it to rule your furniture options. Next, you can blend a couple of items of the other style. After you figure things out, you’ll either have a modernized style with traditional pieces or a traditional design with modern accents.